‘The Santa Clause’ Series is in the Works at Disney+ With Tim Allen Set to Return

27 years and 2 sequels have passed since Tim Allen jumped onto the silver screen as Santa Claus. The 1994 film has become a staple in the holiday movie department with the sequels being met with less enthusiasm. But despite the lackluster follow ups, Tim Allen continued to bring the charm to the series.

Now, in a time with reboots and sequel (or re-quel) it appears that the actor’s journey as Old Saint Nick is not quite finished. Set close to his 65th birthday, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) realizes he can’t perform the duties required of him forever. On top of this he has a family who have not known a life outside of the North Pole. So Scott sets out to find a replacement and prepares to give his family a life in the real world.

Allen is set to re-team with his Last Man Standing creator, Jack Burditt who will serve as an executive producer and show runner. Tim Allen is also set to serve as an executive as well. Kevin Hench, Richard Baker, and Rick Messina will also serve as executive producers.

Production is set to begin in Los Angeles in March

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