‘Moon Knight’ First Poster and Trailer are Here!

It’s a full moon tonight and ‘Moon Knight‘ is here with a poster and a trailer!

Just a few years ago, the thought of a Marvel series seemed crazy. It was hard to imagine seeing our favorite heroes outside of big blockbusters on the big screen.

Just after one year since the debut of the first MCU series on Disney+ (The incredibly fun WandaVision) fans have been able to experience FOUR shows. Introducing new characters and bringing back familiar faces.

Now it’s time to venture into a new world with new characters. Despite having four Marvel series on the streaming platform, each show has had a familiar face to go along with it. As far as things go at this very moment, there are no previously established MCU characters that are set to appear in the show. I’m going to be honest – it has been a lot of fun to spend more time with these characters that we’ve come to know and see them be developed even more but it’s time for a new adventure into uncharted territory.

‘Moon Knight’ will center around Marc Spector, an ex marine grappling with dissociative identity disorder. After being granted special powers, he must then adjust to his new life and powers.

Going into the trailer, I really didn’t know a whole lot about this character. But I’d be lying if I said the trailer didn’t get me extremely excited about this new series. It isn’t too often that Marvel tackles these darker stories but ‘Moon Knight’ looks to be the series to dive into the darker side of the MCU.

Oscar Isaac looks incredible in the role, fully committing to this complex character. Ethan Hawke isn’t seen too much but I have zero doubt that he won’t be great in his role.

Moon Knight debuts March 30th on Disney+

Check out the first trailer and poster below.

Image via Disney+

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